Schema, Google Analytics, SEO, and more...

SEO and Analytics

SEO and Analytics

Today's Internet marketing strategies need a more sophisticated approach in order to yield search results for your products and services. It takes more than just knowing what keyword to use in your description. In fact, keywords, descriptions, and meta content only carry a fraction of the weight that they used to. For 2019, a properly implemented schema, community linking, social marketing, and a combination of organic and enlisted campaigns are required. Yashimi thrives in this arena and we would like to show you just how we can make a customized marketing campaign work for you.

Social Marketing

Social Media

Unless your product is solid gold, you will be wanting a strong social presence. Regardless of whether you actually desire to be on Facebook ® and Twitter ®, or any of the other countless online social outlets that everyone is using today, you will need the 'spread like wildfire' word-of-mouth that these sites generate. It is absolutely necessary to use these outlets if you want to get people to start talking about the product and services that you offer. And the underlying beauty of these outlets, is that for the most part, they are free or of very little cost.

Reports and Tracking

Reports & Tracking

Once you have all of your marketing tools in place, you will need a proper tracking and reporting plan to measure your success. Using these customizable tools allows you to capitalize on your strengths and make adjustments in areas that are falling short of your goals. Online, real-time tracking allows us to take advantage of a mistake by making the necessary adjustments to overcome objectives and to not miss an opportunity.

Audio Voice Overs

Audio Voice Overs

Audio and radio announcements work. More people listen to the radio and audio files than any other media on the planet. Not even Facebook® gets as much hits as radio. Advertising on the radio is tricky though and it can quickly eat up your budget. Yashimi knows radio. We have the most professional consultants in the field that know exactly what station to put your spot on, and at the exact appropriate time.

Jingles for Your Product


Want to really get people to remember your product and think about it and buy it. Write a catchy jingle. "The best part of waking up, is Foldgers® in your cup". "Like a good neighbor, State Farm® is there". "Five... five dollar... five dollar foot long" (Subway®)... You sang all of these didn't you? It's almost impossible to read it without singing it. There's a reason for that. Your brain relates to lyrics much easier than spoken or even written words.

Creative Design

Creative Design

If you've read this entire page and you agree but you are wondering where to start, you're at the right place. We understand that your product and services need all of your attention. If everyone could do everything we've outlined above, we wouldn't have a product or service to offer. Yashimi is in the business of making your product prosper. Contact us today for a free consult.