Website and App Development

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Web Development

Website Development

More often than not, your website is the first impression that you will be giving your customers. Your website should display correctly on all platforms (iPhone®, Android®, Mac®, Windows®). Yashimi makes sure that your website not only creates a magnificent first impression, but that it is responsive to every device on the market today. Try viewing this website on several different devices and you will see the results of proper web design.

App Development

Application Development

We specialize in desktop and mobile applications. A current trend in cloud computing is to make your app responsive so that no matter what platform your customers are using, they access everything from one site, using one username and password. This greatly reduces costs and allows your applicaiton to be accessed by iPhone®, Android®, Mac®, and Windows® Operating Systems.

eCommerce Development


Time to create a storefront for your website? We can create or enchance an online store for your products and services that is both easy to use, and promotes your merchandise at the same time. We can incorporate your existing merchant account or set you up with a new service. It is predicted that by 2015, the majority of all purchases in the US will be made online.

Video and Photo Production

Video/Photo Production

Need an online video channel on Youtube? How about a commercial or infommercial? We use professional equipment and software to produce stunning visual presentations for your product or service. We can help you bring your idea or concept to reality, or offer you a complete, creative process from start to finish to get your video production in front of your customers.

Audio Voice Overs

Audio Voice Overs

To complement our video production, we also offer professional voice overs. Do you need that certain voice that is synonymous with soccer? What about "the voice of the fair?"... And of course we all recognize the tonal quality of the WWF announcers and the monster truck shows. Yashimi has partnered with some of the best voices in the industry and we are able to add the voice that "makes people listen".

Jingles for Your Company


Yashimi also writes, records, and produces original music for your marketing efforts. We can create an entire jingle for your company or product, as well as just background music for your products and services. whether you need a hard-rocking tune to represent your sports or motor equipment, or a relaxing song to emphasize the atmosphere of your luxury resort, we can capture the essence of your company through music.